2×90€ in sweatshirts


Let’s start with a quote….

‘I was born lost and take no pleasure to being found’.

John Steinbeck

And with a video…

And this is our philosophy of life. Adventure. Curiosity. Restlessness. Call it what you want.

We want to accompany you to discover the world. Go with you everywhere you can think of going.

Everything strange attracts us. What is different opens our eyes. Our idea is not to stop. There will be time in other lives…

If destiny is really written, let’s paint it beautifully, let’s take it to the best landscapes, to the most inaccessible places, let’s challenge it to the worst adventures and let it regret having drawn you lying on a sofa watching TV. And at the end, when this is over, put your signature on it, and smile.

Sal. Get lost. Discover. Lives.

And let us accompany you on your journey.