Talek Kids T-shirt


Many of you were clamoring for us, T-shirts and sweatshirts to go Fathers and Mothers to match the children.

Well, we welcome the first Szölt & Frog Kids collection for the youngest members of the family.

With all the identity of our great successes in 100% organic cotton, but adapted to the little ones and with our new Kids Logo.

The Talek Kids T-shirt, like its older sister Talek, is made of 100% Organic Cotton of 170 grams and a single jersey finish so as not to show through, with an ethnic fabric pocket with multicolored stripes and our embroidered logo on the chest.

As we know that it is often difficult to find the sizes of the little ones right, we have left you a size guide here with the exact measurements and an approximate height of the child!

When in doubt, we recommend you measure one of the shirts that you already have and if you make a mistake or it does not fit well, do not worry, since the first change of size is completely free for you.

Designed in Spain and manufactured in our neighboring Portugal!

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